What I do

Web Design

I love creating clean and simple websites or apps with great vibes. Good UI & UX are always my top priority.

If I am not working, you will probably find me scrolling down on Pinterest, looking for new awesome graphic inspirations.

Front-end Coding

I enjoy coding and generate neat organized pages, whether it is HTML CSS (and SCSS), Javascript or small PHP.

I am not a Back-End dev, but I am always looking for new stuffs to learn about in that flied, so I can get a good understanding of what my coworkers are workin on.

Motion Design

Animated movies have always been a passion to me.

I love creating slick animations for short movie clips, especially with a flat design style and I mostly work on After Effect.

My tools




John Cruz

Coworker at Face3media

I had the pleasure of working alongside Solene for over a year at Face3 Media. During that time I became increasingly impressed with her abilities as a graphic and motion designer. She has a way of taking very limited client specifications and turning it into an amazing final product.

Always approachable, I would often defer to Solene regarding web layout or graphic design questions when I wasn ' t sure which direction to take. Despite having a long background with Adobe products that goes back to version three, I couldn ' t see myself ignoring a much better resource across the table. Her clear, honest advise was a tremendous asset.

Her abilities as a front-end web developer were incredibly helpful as well. While her focus was not primarily in the development arena, the whole team knew that if the rest of us got bogged down, Solene could handle the front end side of setup well, everything from standard HTML / CSS to more complicated AJAX calls would get handed off to her without issue.

What really impressed me however was Solene ' s work ethic and desire to improve. This is an industry where many people like to pretend they know how to do something and then struggle to make it work for the sake of saving face. Solene is very up front about what areas she wants to improve her skill set in and grow as both a designer and developer. While she has very strong abilities in her areas of expertise, the desire to gain expertise in other areas is equally as strong.She is not afraid to ask questions, ask for resources, or expand her abilities to go deeper into design concepts or back-end web / database work. She is the kind of person who will ask " I want to get better at X, what should I read if I want to do that? " or ask for clarification when needed instead of making assumptions.

She would be a great asset to any organization and is a fantastic person to have in your team.

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Gino Pagliuca

Media Director & Owner at Face3media

Solene is a very collaborative person and a problem solver. Her design sense is on par with her technical abilities. It was a real pleasure to have her has part of our company.

Michel Semienchuk

Client at Face3media - Sales & Marketing Consultant

Solène is very diligent and knowledgeable. She's able to bring a strong artistic sense to projects - but she also has a very deep understanding of the technical issues at play. Working with her is easy and always a pleasure.

Laurent Antonczak

Inventive Educator & Entrepreneur

I have known and worked closely with Solène since 2009. Solène is full of energy and highly dedicated to video creation, education and mobile innovation. Solène has not only great efficient and effective technical skills but also a quirky and sharp sense for creativity. She works fast (extraordinary virtue for a French person) and is reliable. During our collaboration for the "Festival du Jour Le Plus Court - Dec 2011", Solène demonstrated an exceptional enthusiasm and support with Virtuo: we loved it. For all the reasons mentioned previously, I highly recommend Solène as a energetic, technically savvy and creative collaborator.

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Vincent Weyl

Client - Ecosystem Development Director at Alcatel-Lucent

Solene is the best thing that happened to our project ! We had started working on a web application for iPad that should appeal to a broad audience, consumers and professionals of all ages. We needed someone to create an immersive user experience conveying both the simplicity and the richness of the application. Solene rose up to the task with amazing efficiency! She quickly got a sense of what we were looking for and turned up a proposal in no time. She worked diligently and with great interest on the project. She was fun to work with, both smart and creative. Solene is very dependable and delivers great results. If you are looking for someone to take any of your web or motion design projects to a whole new level, stop looking now: she's the one.

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Myriam Tonelotto

Teacher - Film Director Animation - Documentary Films

Solène is an accomplished multimedia artist. Not only does she have the technical capabilities to provide gorgeous motion design or stop-motion films, but she possess one rare talent : she listens carefully to real needs, desires, expectations and hopes of her clients. Probably the best of my former students in film directing.